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        Today is 2020-9-12, Welcome to the web Hefei Huake Construction Machinery Co., Ltd Website: www.54xingke.com

        About us

        About us

        Hefei Huake Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.is a high-tech enterprise specialized in research, development and manufacture of working platform. We have qualified specialists, professional CAD design center and laboratory, advanced CNC manufacturing center and highly precise inspection equipments. Our product have got seven national patents and highly appreciated by clients from many European and American countries.
        Our products were certificated by CE,UL, GOST-R, which guarantee the quality of products. At the same time, we have set up sales and technical cooperation relationship with Germany, American, England, Russia, Spanish, Italy, etc.
        Product series
        We are one of  platform manufacturers in China, The platform manufactured by our company has complete series, including ZLP150, ZLP200, ZLP300, ZLP500, ZLP630, ZLP800 and ZLP1000.( Industrial power voltage: single-phase 110V, 220V; three-phase 220V,380V,415V and so on). The maximum platform length is 15 meters.
        For whom we serve
        Platforms are used for going up and down of tower crane drivers of high-rise buildings and for welding and decorations of the shipbuilding industry. Also, they are applied for maintenance and services of the chimneys and boilers in large tank power plants and for maintenance and decorations of dams and bridges. Meanwhile, they are used for decorations of outer walls, such as plastering, heat preservation, doping, and the wall installation, cleaning and marble dry hanging.
        The company with innovative technology, advanced production equipment, perfect detection means, professional management team, dedicated to provide you with quality products and thoughtful after-sales service.

        We are located in Hefei, Anhui, China. It is not far from Shanghai port. Our company enjoys very advantageous geographical location and convenient transportation.

        Online Service





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