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        Today is 2020-9-18, Welcome to the web Hefei Huake Construction Machinery Co., Ltd Website: www.54xingke.com

        SCP230/9D Lifting platform

         Parameters of lifting platform SCP230/9D 

                            Description  single column double column 
        Length(m) 3.0-10.3 8.6-23.6
         Width(m) 1.5-2.5 1.5-2.5
        The distance of mast section  (m) ----- 7.3-13.3
         The distance of
        Attached wall (m)
        The maximum independent height (m) 15 15
        The maximum installation height(m) 150 150
        Model of mast section 700X700X1508 700X700X1508
        The number of loading people 3 6
        Hoisting speed(m/min) 6 6
        The rated load (kg) 2000 2000
        The installation height for the first Attached wall(m) 3 3
        The installation height for the second Attached wall(m) 9 9
        The maximum height of lifting jack(m) 0.6-0.72 0.6-0.72
        The distance between the bottom of hoist and crawl  (m) 1.95 1.95
        The distance between the bottom of hoist and platform pedal(m) 0.83 0.83
        Hoist crawl height(m) 2 2
        Number of motors 2 4
        Rated power of motors  2X2.2KW 4X2.2KW
        Rated current ±60A ±120A
        The power voltage/frequency 380-415V/50HZ;440-460V/60HZ
        Fuse current 16A 25A
        The control voltage 42Vac
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